Carving a Highly Ornate Turned Leg

Mary May
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This project shows how to carve all the details on this highly ornate turned leg. This leg is loosely based on a Thomas Seymour dresser from the late 1700s.

This project includes the following lessons:

Part 1 - Carving the Grapevine, Ribbon and Reeds (4 episodes)
Part 2 - Carving Laurel Leaves (1 episode)
Part 3 - Carving Acanthus Leaves (2 episodes)
Part 4 - Carving Beads (1 episode)
Part 5 - Carving Flutes (1 episode)
Part 6 - Carving Laurel Leaf Foot (1 episode)

In this highly detailed and practical project from a classical woodcarver, you see every step so you can develop your own carving abilities. It's one of those lessons you'll want to watch again and again.

This project includes:

  • Ten video episodes in 1080p HD resolution totaling 300 minutes running time.
  • Eight printable files with a templates, tool lists and photos of finished carvings.
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